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Do you find yourself talking yourself out of living? Full of ideas that never seem to come to fruition? But there's no way you could put something out there that isn't picture perfect. And so you find yourself stuck. It doesn't always have to be like this. I can help. So before you overthink the decision to start counseling, book an appointment now. It's the first step to getting your life back and living fully.

Conquer the Headwinds.
Maximize the Tailwinds.
Live Fully.

Who I help

+ Young adults struggling to feel competent, grounded and successful.

+ Anxious overthinkers who seem to get in their own way

+ Perfectionists who feel paralyzed by fear of failure

+ Adults sick of struggling with insomnia who would kill for a good night’s sleep

+ Cancer survivors, adults with cancer, and caregivers of people with cancer.

How I help

One-on-one online counseling that will help you identify what you want, what’s standing in your way, and an action plan to move forward to where you want to be.

Where I help

I help adults all over the state of Texas with online counseling. It works just the same way as office-based therapy, but without the commute and in the comfort of your own home or office.

Am I in the right place?

If you're tired of being held back by the thoughts in your head and you're ready to work hard to make some changes, the answer is yes. Don't overthink yourself out of this choice and get ready to invest in yourself today.

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