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Right now the struggle is real and you feel like crap

but a life you love is just around the corner with a little help from tailwinds counseling

I help overthinkers get out of their heads and into their lives. 

I help perfectionists keep the good, the things that work, and give them permission to let go of the shame.

I help 

How, you ask?

Through compassionate, supportive counseling that is delivered online so that you can be in a space that already feels safe and comfortable for you. We’ll use your strengths to develop strategies that work in conquering those demons so that you can finally live a vibrant, full life, unapologetically. 




Schedule a free 15-minute phone call so we can get acquainted. When you schedule your consultation call, you'll receive an email linking you to a brief consultation screening form that will help us make the best use of our time. On the call, I'll ask what you're looking for help with, explain how I work and what you can expect from me, you can ask your questions and we can get you scheduled for an appointment when we agree it's a good fit. And if it's not, I'll try my best to point you in the right direction.


After we schedule your first session, you'll receive access to the client portal where you can read about my practice policies and complete the intake paperwork that will help us get started. During our first session, we'll get to know each other, build a therapeutic alliance, and get on the same page about your goals and how best to achieve them. Not sure what to talk about? No worries. During that first 80-minute session, I'll be asking a lot of questions. 


You are the expert on your life and experience. Together, we'll collaborate using your expertise and mine to create a plan that suits your treatment and journey. 


Ongoing sessions are 45 - 50 minutes and typically occur weekly to start. We'll get in there and do the work to get you where you want to be. You can always expect homework. Sometimes written, sometimes not, but either way, it's important you do the work outside of session to get to where you want to be. 


Sometimes things don't go according to plan. Or maybe things go so well and there's a new path the take. Flexibility is a key part of the process. 


My goal is always to work myself out of a job. I don't want my clients to need me forever; I want you to develop the skills and tools you need to confront whatever challenges lie ahead. As we see progress, we'll discuss a graduation plan. Sometimes that looks like reducing the frequency for a few sessions before stopping therapy. Sometimes it's one graduation session one month after the last weekly PTSD therapy session to summarize and troubleshoot. In any case, we'll collaborate to determine the best graduation strategy for you. 


I'm rooting for you every step of the way. And even after graduation, I'm still here if you need me. 

Book in for a free 15 minute chat to get started.

Areas of expertise


Anxiety has its place. We all feel it sometimes, but for many people anxiety is a daily thing. It sticks with you. Sometimes it’s in your face and won’t’ be ignored. Hello, panic attack. But often it’s there just creeping around. And maybe you’ve become so used to it hanging around like a stage 5 clinger, you’ve forgotten what it feels like not to worry all the time. It doesn’t have to be that way. Schedule a free 15-minute phone call to talk about ways Tailwinds Counseling can help. Or, read more about anxiety and how I help below. 

Healing from Trauma & PTSD

You tell yourself over and over again that it wasn’t that bad; that other people have it way worse. But no matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to shake these old demons. Things are ok for a while, but inevitably, those reminders from the past about things you’ve convinced yourself don’t count as trauma creep up in unexpected ways. It’s haunted you for long enough, but facing it once and for all can seem intimidating, especially since you’ve spent all this time avoiding it. It does not have to stay this way. Overcoming the effects of trauma is entirely possible and I’m here to help. Schedule a free 15-minute phone call to take the next step. 

Coping with Cancer

Cancer. Once you hear that word your life is never the same. Whether you’ve navigated the diagnosis yourself, or you’re a survivor or caregiver of someone who has been diagnosed, coping with the changes from an experience as big as cancer is no small task. But regardless of where you are in your cancer experience, there’s hope for a life full of meaning, hope, love, and joy. Schedule a free 15-minute phone call to talk about ways Tailwinds Counseling can help.

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